Clair C. Patterson, Who Established Earth’s Age, Is Dead at 73

Fragment of the Canyon Diablo iron meteorite. Patterson developed the uranium—lead dating method into lead—lead dating and, by using lead isotopic data from the Canyon Diablo meteorite , he calculated an age for the Earth of 4. He graduated from Grinnell College with a bachelor degree in chemistry in There, he met his future wife, Lorna McCleary. For graduate school, they both attended the University of Iowa, where he was awarded an M. Both were then sent to work on the Manhattan Project, first at the University of Chicago and then at Oak Ridge, Tennessee , where he encountered mass spectrometry. After World War II, the Pattersons returned to Chicago, where his wife Lorna took a research job as an infrared spectroscopist to support Patterson while he worked for his Ph. After a postdoctoral year at Chicago, Patterson moved with Brown to the Division of Geology at the California Institute of Technology in , as founding members of its geochemistry program. He became a full professor in and reached emeritus status in Patterson remained at Caltech for the rest of his life.

Clair Cameron Patterson

Claire C. Patterson’s biographer and peer George H. Tilton described him as energetic, innovative, determined and “modest about his own accomplishments. He received many scientific awards, and an asteroid discovered in is named in his honor. A peak in the Queen Maude Mountains in Antarctica also carries his name.

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Marine geochemist Chris Reddy has been selected to receive the Clair C. Patterson Award from the Geochemical Society for his analytical and scientific contributions to organic geochemistry. The C. Patterson Award recognizes one scientist a year who has led an innovative breakthrough of fundamental significance in environmental geochemistry, particularly in service to society. Reddy studies the effects of pollutants on the environment especially following major oil spills. Reddy will be presented the award at the Goldschmidt conference in Sacramento, Calif.

The award was created in honor of Clair C. Patterson, who developed the uranium-lead dating method from which he calculated the age of Earth as 4. Patterson also pioneered research on lead contamination and campaigned for the banning of lead additives in gasoline and lead solder in food cans.

How do we know the age of the Earth?

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At around the same time that Arthur Holmes published his ideas for the age of the Earth, Harrison Brown, a professor at the University of Chicago, was developing a new method for counting lead isotopes in igneous rocks. Brown thought this method of counting was incredibly tedious but very easy, so he assigned it to Patterson as his dissertation project in Prior to beginning his research, Patterson had worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II, showing that, by the time he began his research, he had much experience in the field.

The main problem with using this method of dating was that Patterson needed ancient rocks that contained crystals bearing both uranium and lead. Additionally, these lead- and uranium-bearing crystals would have had to be as old as the Earth. In order to move past this problem, Patterson looked for answers in rocks beyond the Earth; he turned to meteorites.

In using meteorites to calculate the age of the Earth, Patterson made two assumptions about rocks that proved to be correct. He assumed, just as Holmes did, that meteorites were leftover materials from the beginning of the solar system and that by being in space, they would maintain an unchanged interior chemistry. Patterson believed, and rightfully so, that if he were to measure the age of one of these meteorites, then he would have an age close to that of the Earth. Patterson was able to acquire these rare meteorite samples, which contained zircon crystals.

These crystals were small and difficult to isolate, but they contained lead and uranium, the materials necessary for Patterson to conduct his research. However, he always found that they were contaminated with atmospheric lead when exposed to air. This allowed him to make more accurate measurements with clean samples. Patterson had received his Ph.

Clair Cameron Patterson and the exact Age of the Earth

You may have been aware that our Earth is as old as 4. But do you know who found out this fantastic figure first? The destiny rests on shoulders on a young man, Clair Patterson, who was a PhD student at the University of Chicago in the s. The first task for Patterson was to measure the concentration and isotope composition of lead inside the zircon, which is extremely useful for geological dating.

Therefore, if any lead is present in the zircon, it must come from the decay of uranium. This process is known as U-Pb dating. The job of the team was to measure.

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The Clean Room

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Clean hands : Clair Patterson’s crusade against environmental lead contamination. Subjects A limited number of items are shown. Click to view More Patterson, Clair C.

C.C. Patterson Award

Lead—lead dating is a method for dating geological samples, normally based on ‘whole-rock’ samples of material such as granite. For most dating requirements it has been superseded by uranium—lead dating U—Pb dating , but in certain specialized situations such as dating meteorites and the age of the Earth it is more important than U—Pb dating. There are three stable “daughter” Pb isotopes that result from the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium in nature; they are Pb, Pb, and Pb. These daughter isotopes are the final decay products of U and Th radioactive decay chains beginning from U, U and Th respectively.

In 19 seasons as a head coach, Patterson has coached all-conference From , TCU became just the third program in NCAA history to lead the TCU also recorded its first undefeated league mark () dating back to

Nineteenth century geologists recognized that rocks formed slowly as mountains eroded and sediments settled on the ocean floor. But they could not say just how long such processes had taken, and thus how old their fossils were. He came up with that figure by estimating how long it had taken for the planet to cool down to its current temperature from its molten infancy. But Kelvin didn’t, and couldn’t, know that radioactive atoms such as uranium were breaking down and keeping the planet warmer than it would be otherwise.

An older Earth At the dawn of the twentieth century, physicists made a revolutionary discovery: elements are not eternal. Atoms can fuse together to create new elements; they can also spontaneously break down, firing off subatomic particles and switching from one element to another in the process see figure, right.

Influential Grinnell Alumni: Clair Patterson ’43

Patterson was born in Mitchellville, Iowa, who spent his entire professional career at the California Institute of Technology Caltech. In collaboration with George Tilton, Patterson developed the uranium—lead dating method into lead—lead dating. Tilton, George R. Courtesy of National Academy of Sciences. Skip to main content. Biography of Clair Cameron Patterson, Download pdf resource.

Field: Geochemistry Known For: uranium-lead dating. Awards:Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, Goldschmidt Medal of the Geochemical Society.

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Watch the video. Title: The Clean Room 20 Apr To determine the true age of the Earth, geochemist Clair Patterson developed the uranium-lead dating method to make an unprecedented discovery – calculating Earth’s age of 4. But Patterson’s groundbreaking discoveries were just beginning. Patterson made it his mission to draw public attention to the detrimental effects of lead in the environment and dedicated his career to fighting against the petroleum and chemical industry, eventually achieving public health’s biggest victory of the 20th century.

Written by Anonymous. An interesting and captivating story of Clair Patterson’s pursuit to remove lead in gasoline from the environment. Patterson is the hero and Dr. Robert H. Kehoe is the villain, because he got money from evil General Motors. It is a great story, and largely true. Patterson was the good guy, and Kehoe and GM were wrong.

Then at the last two minutes Neil deGrassse Tyson tells that scientists are “Raising the alarm on other environmental issues.

Lead for Life – the history of leaded gasoline – an excerpt

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